3D Shadow Boxes / Sports Jerseys

Sport jerseys are generally quite expensive and cherished pieces of memorabilia. To safe guard and show off these, we build a deep frame to hold and present them. But first they have to be folded and hand sewn onto a thick backing to support them in the case. Depending on the customer’s budget, our team can incorporate coloured mats, a picture of the player, or an official puck.

Handmade Seamless Liners

Original oil paintings framed in a traditional manner usually have a wide linen border. Using off-the-shelf liners creates a seam in the corners that takes away from the overall appeal of the piece. We have developed a solution for this by designing a seamless linen liner, all of which is done in-house. Plus, we can adjust the width of the liner to suit the artwork. In addition to linen liners, we can also custom make these seamless liners out of a plastic base material in several different colours.

Medals & Awards

Medals & awards help you to show off your achievements, so having them framed and displayed properly is a great way to highlight and preserve those accomplishments. In certain cases, it can be a great additional touch to add a photo to the display, especially when it comes to military medals and awards. No matter how simple or complex your needs are, our professional staff can help.

Watercolours & Oil Paintings

Image Fusion is well known for framing oil paintings and art. In fact, we provide these services for the three biggest art galleries on the island. Not sure which framing option is right for you and your application? Let our designers and expert technicians help you decide from the hundreds of samples located in our showroom.