Our Process

Plaque mounting is a great way to protect and hang your poster, print, photo, or artwork. The image is dry-mounted onto a sturdy piece of high density pressed wood, then it is permanently sealed with a clear vinyl matte UV-blocking laminate. The edges of the plaque are then beveled and coloured.

A Range of Sizes

We can plaque mount items from 4″x4″ to 48″x96″. Please consult with us prior to printing the image so we can discuss the type, and weight of paper to use for the best results. For large, oversized panels we can provide a cleat hanging system that we make custom in our workshop. If needed, our team of installers can then visit your home or business to ensure the piece(s) are properly installed.

A Variety of Applications

Plaque mounting is great for a variety of applications, including: trade show paneling, museum exhibits and installations, business documents, awards, certificates, diplomas, promotional or advertising materials, point-of-sales, prints or photos, movie or sports posters, newspapers or magazine articles, blueprints, postcards, children’s drawings, wedding Invitations, mission statements, charts, newspaper clippings, sketches, maps, collages, comics, price lists, letters, and charts and displays.