Installation, Pick Up, & Delivery

Do you have a picture that’s too large to transport in your car? Or do you have a piece that needs to be hung in a stairway or other hard to reach area? Our skilled installation team, along with our fully equipped delivery van, is able to safely deliver your artwork and, if required, professionally install it in your home or business. We’re able to hang pieces in stone, concrete, drywall, and more.

Crating, Packaging, & Shipping

If you need to have your artwork or framed images packaged, we can do that for any size piece. This service is great for people needing to carry a piece of artwork on a plane: in which case we can safely wrap the piece in cardboard or bubble wrap, ensuring it reaches its destination intact. Or, if your needs require something a little more robust, our workshop is fully equipped to build and load wooden shipping crates. We can also arrange to have it shipped anywhere across North America and have our customs broker prepare the necessary documents.